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A drama free D/s community
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~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

OK it has been a while since I have posted anything of a D/s dynamic and the reason for that is I have had nothing to post :( 

As of this past weekend I am now subbing for a new Dom. We have been disgussing "playing" together for a lil while and it finally came to pass..... tee hee

I have had some experiece with flogging which he hadn't and has always wanted to but never found a sub that suited him (till now) LOL  He has however talked at length to other Doms and apparently he has gotten some great advice and tips :) to my pleasure.....

I will post full details later on when I know people actually come in here.....tee heee

Oh and am looking for some good scene ideas any ideas will be most appreciated


Hello Everyone! I'm Garnet, a 21 year old slave, and I'm new to this group. I've been with my Master for about 6 years, but only recently has he become my Master. I'm into a bunch of different activities, especially bondage, spankings and obedience. I'm very excited about talking with everyone here and finally connecting with others in the lifestyle. Hope everyone is having a great day so far!


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mjsslavebelle [userpic]

Hello all,

I already posted an introduction into the middle of one of the threads here. For that I apologize...now I found the way to do it right so I will. LOL I will just copy and paste if it's all the same with y'all. It was and is a long and complicated intro. :)

To give you a little background, I am alpha slave to Master Jordan and am responsible for managing Master's second - Bonnie. I work outside the home. Bonnie takes care of Master and the house. Master is also disabled and does as much as he can around the house physically. He is really amazing and has brought me SO far from where I was 2 1/2 years ago...and in so many ways! People who haven't seen me in a year or so don't recognize me. I radiate happiness. And there is a very good reason for that. Master taught me how to be happy no matter what the outside circumstances. :)

We live in Las Vegas and are a little excited because we FINALLY have a "public" play space. It just opened and there was a pre-opening party for the kinky community last weekend. We were unable to attend but got amazing reports and I can't wait to see it! I don't even know anything about the policies or anything. I just am so curious. There are themed rooms and the capability for privacy or exhibitionism...whichever you prefer! I am holding back a bit because the last "public play space" that Vegas had was really just a swinger's club with a dungeon in it. Not quite the same thing if you know what I mean.

I have been a training slave for about 5 years now. Master has lived most of his adult life in a D/s context on one end of the spectrum or the other. He has truly transformed even more than I have I think. We are for sure good for each other. :) Bonnie has been in and out of D/s relationships for years...we are finally getting a handle on why that is the case and are attempting to do something about it. She's a wonderful girl and in need of someone to care enough to help her do the right thing...when she's ready. I hope she is cuz I wanna keep her. :) There have been issues in the past with ppl running into what appears to be a brick wall with her. But I see cracks. She said she wanted us to tear down the wall...all 3 of us. Now it's time.

We are a poly and open family as far as relationships go. I have a vanilla girlfriend here in town that I see whenever I can. Master has a boy in Texas that he loves very much and they visit as often as possible. We're planning the first physical visit for next month I think. If that goes as well as we think it will, who knows what will follow? Our family is very fluid in action. Relationships stay whole and get added but there isn't a lot of velcro going around, if you know what I mean. Bonnie is currently training and not romantically involved with anyone.

I work at a coffee shop (NOT TarBucks) and I absolutely ADORE my job and the ppl I work with and all of it! The company is awesome in its social and ecological responsibilities. I want to stay with them for a very long time but they aren't where I wanna be, at least not all the places I wanna be. Very limited to the West coast and only a few places. We wanna travel as a family in motorhomes but there has to be somewhere to work in each place we go. I guess I could just work in coffee shops wherever. They are everywhere and I don't do small towns so...LOL But I do love this company and it's stand on so many things. I love my job to the point of dorkiness really. Each drink I make is a ritual I perform and love goes into it. Ppl LOVE my coffee and always have cuz of that.

Well I guess that was more like a LOT of background. LOL Sorry to go on for so long. I just wanted to say hi and let you see who I am. Looking forward to more soon.

{In loving service and devotion to Master Jordan}

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~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

 My apologies for such a long absence but yet no one has posted/shared a thing since Dec.........This is sad indeed.

*thinking to self* How can we make this a better more active community?? 
Open to ideas!!!! 

Anyway how is everyone???

Whip ya all later :)


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His scarlett [userpic]

hello - i am new to this community and just wanted to say hi and introduce myself

my Master married me in july just past and i moved from my country of birth - northern ireland (it is really tiny!) to canada (it is really huge!) - to live with Master just after our wonderful wedding - Master is perfect in every way - and i am not biased at all!! - we are living in the extreme north of ontario and living a wonderful life as Master and slave - and the journey is just great - Master is all and more than i ever dared dream of and i am so happy

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~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

Welcome to more new members that joined!!!! Please tell E/everyone about Y/yourselves!!!

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~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

I'd like to say welcome to new members and a big hello to the older ones!!!! Lets get this group going...E/everyone please feel free to introduce yourselves or start up a topic perhaps.
Either way welcome sit back and relax   :]

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~sassylilpet~ [userpic]


    Upon reading a friends blog it sparked a question in me...Who's to say whether or not you're really into BDsM? If you don't live it 24/7 you're not really a Master/ slave or Dom/ sub? From where I sit I am submissive not  slave( I know my name says otherwise) There are differences between the 2 and yes similarities as well. But because I don't kneel before my Master on a daily basis or live by protocols or sign a contact I'm not really submissive??? Or maybe because others do they are extremists?? I don't understand why in a world of freedom of choice must people push their beliefs on others. If it works for you and makes you happy thats awesome but it may not work that way for others so leave it be and be happy for their ways even if you may not understand or agree. There are things that I read that I absolutely do not agree with but you know what it isn't my life so why should I push my feelings on them? The only time I express my opinion is when safety is in jeopardy. I have my views and I know I can be pig headed at times but I always try to be open minded and respectful of others ways. You would think that in this "lifestyle" we wouldn't have such closed mindedness but alas it's everywhere *shrugs shoulders*  Can't we all just get along???  LMAO sorry had to say it... Seriously Can we not just embrace each other in understanding in knowing we are A/all just trying to fulfill our deepest darkest desires? This is my thought for the day I'm hoping to generate some view points. Be well A/all

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~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

I was trying to figure out what the meaning behind this design and I happen to come across it from another persons blog. Finally I got the answers I was looking for it's hard to look up something when you're not even sure what it's called..lol.  Here's a link for anyone else who may be wondering what it means and how it came to be......

For more information, you may go to the Emblem Project website.

The thought had crossed my mind to get a tattoo of something with the BDsM meaning and this might be it not sure yet I'm very picky about my tattoo's. But good advice is to always make sure you know what something means before you get it put on your body. Anyone know of good submissive designs for possible tattoo?? Night night E/everyone

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~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

I wanted to make sure to wish E/everyone a safe and Happy Holiday season....Hope you A/all enjoy yourselves and your families as well.

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