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A drama free D/s community
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March 2009
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Seeking a Princess?

Seeking a Princess?

Princess Devyn Dean is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my life, and She can be the center of your universe too. Give Her a chance to take control and i promise You will not regret it:

Please visit Her sites and see for yourself. Or email Her directly at devyndeanlovesyou@yahoo.com

Princess Devyn on Clips 4 Sale

Princess Devyn on Punishment Square

Princess Devyn on Live Journal

PrincessDevyn on Dommes & Subs

Princess Devyn's Panty Store

Princess Devyn's Amazon Wish List


She may be your life, but she's milking you for money. Have you ever met her outside of the OL tributes and webcam sessions? Neither her blog nor yours contain anything worth even bothering with. But I feel nice tonight, give Me one good reason to even bother with you and your pay-per-view-Princess and I won't get ban happy.

Not that anyone reads this thing anymore, but still, I maintain this place, don't think I'm gonna turn a blind eye to stuid crap.


Take a look at Niiki Daniels best Femdom http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/36128