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Jenn [userpic]

Soo what do you do to be IN the lifestyle when you don't have a Master and haven't for a long time? I want to feel that submissive part of me again but I have no where to start. I live in a very small town... there isn't much lifestyle stuff around here.. ok well there is none at all. No meetings, no parties.. nothing.

It's so hard to meet anyone and I need this.


Where are you living right now? Try this web site.


Meet people, get involved with the chat groups, put up a profile and just look around. So far, most of the people I've met are nice.

Good luck!

Cool thanks. The area I live in only has 10,000 people.. and they are mostly family.. ect. So we'll see .. Maybe Peoria Il has more up there. I'll check it out :)


Not that I would be able to help with most of that, but I do know that fetlife is pretty useful. Haven't really gotte much into it, but got a ton of info on the local scene!

Now if only I had time, money, and an excuse to go...

I use the same name on fetlife as I do here.


My god it has been a while since I've chatted with you or anyone on here!! Funny thing is I was gonna suggest Fetlife as well :) It is a good site with lots of good groups and helpful people and who knows what/who you might find on there :) if you do go on there look me up I'm kaheala on there in the state of New Hampshire. Hope all is well with everyone!!!