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~sassylilpet~ [userpic]
a bit disappointed

Well it seems no one in this group either feels like sharing or has anything to share :( 

I would certainly share more if I felt as though I wasn't talking to myself , not sure how to get the ball rolling here...I have even tried starting a topic type post and pretty much nothing......

Last try then I may just move on to some place else.....

How do you handle others telling you that the way you are doing things is wrong so on and so forth? No don't spank this way "my" way is the correct way...get my point?? 

Last ditch effort here.....make me a believer :)


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I personally don't remember seeing any subject matter that I found to be something I had anything to contribute about. This one however, I do have something to offer. I am helping someone master this particular phenomenon in his life currently. I know personally that there is only one plan and one opinion in my life that matters - Master's. That crosses into every aspect of my life. If he is happy with what I am doing and with me, I have nothing to worry about. There are people in this life who will loan you money under the condition that you begin living your life the way THEY want you to. I do not allow that into my life either and never have. If I need the money, I will find it and I won't have to change anything about who I am to find it either. My priorities in life are my business no matter who you think you are or how much more qualified you think you are to live my life or tell me how to. That crosses into all aspects of my life...except now that I am with Master, it's HIS priorities that matter because I only have one. :)

That is where I am coming from when others' opinions get thrust out there like what you described. This is what I do...Politely thank the person for their opinion and continue my activity. Master does the same. Anything beyond that and the conversation is simply over.

Belle {In loving and devoted service to Master Jordan}

well thank you for your reply it's good to see some one is actually reading.....:)

Please feel free to bring up your own subjects you'd like to talk about!!!

i haven't posted here because i really didn't know what was appropriate for the community - i hope that the community continues

in response to your question - i grew up being told i was doing things wrong - either the wrong thing completely or that the way i was doing it was wrong

since Master claimed me He has at times had to tell me i am doing things incorrectly - at first i withdrew - because that was the way i kept myself safe most of my life - but now i don't - i feel bad when Master has to speak to me about the way i am doing things - i feel shame that i have "let Him down" in some way - but i no longer withdraw because i don't need to keep myself safe from Him - He is my safety and He keeps me safe from the rest of the world

yes marshmellowbrat I do know what you mean all too well..I lost a lot of interest in writting do to my ex use to for the most part monitor what i wrote and that wasn't even a D/s relationship.....sigh

So I myself am trying to get more into it but miss the interactions that I use to see not from this group but the sister of this one which was great until someone stole it from the creator and ruined it :( So yes now I am trying to recreate that one here...the creator has disappeared so it is up to me I think there is another MOD as well but not sure...lol
lets get the whip cracking.....No pun intented (not really anyways ...tee heee)


Hah yes that would be me. I'm fairly inactive here, not that I don't pay attention, it's just I usually have nothing much to say. illie can attest, if she actually showed up, that I'm usually fairly quiet.

I'll start actually contributing when I can. And I'll gladly crack a whip or two, just need some targets. ;)

Well shm....the only thing that isn't appropriate is DRAMA I like to have people agree to disagree but no put downs insults know what I mean...If you write something long try to put it behind a cut (even though I forget at times)

So feel free to talk about experiences,concerns or whatever you want.


Seriously I would post here.. often but I'm single and there is absolutly nothing going on in my area when it comes to BDSM. Soo I never have much to say. which sucks :(