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Jenn [userpic]

Soo what do you do to be IN the lifestyle when you don't have a Master and haven't for a long time? I want to feel that submissive part of me again but I have no where to start. I live in a very small town... there isn't much lifestyle stuff around here.. ok well there is none at all. No meetings, no parties.. nothing.

It's so hard to meet anyone and I need this.

~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

Hi A/all I am going to make a harder effort at posting here as well as my own journal.  I am just posting a qwuick one tonight to say Hi..... I am going to a party tomorrow night and will post about it as soon as possible. I think this one will be loads of fun and excitment and can't wait!!!!

I hope to hear from people on here about their scenes, fantasies questions and so on...lets share kinksters :)


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~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

OK I met my Sir on-line through a biker site....Think I had already posted that...lol Anyway here is the issue.....

Because of my up frontness with BDSM and me being a sub...He in turn expressed his interest in exploring that side of him. So he got back in contact with another sub whom he played with briefly. Because she belongs to a group that she bought him too and he wanted to get involved in the group with Him and I. So he introduced her and I on-line and things were and are still cool matter of fact I have now become her room mate...

OK rambling here a bit.......ISSUE focus sassy focus!!! Well pretty much since I've moved in since beginning of this month...She seems to say more and more things about when Him and her had their "brief" time rogether. I can hear the jealousy in her tone even...She was not and is not his type and when I first met Him we agreed this was going to be a more "play" thing than a relationship cause neither of us were ready for anything else. Needless to say things have taken on a more serious role these days and He wants to spend more and more time with me and I can see that it's getting to her. She'll say things like oh he was never like that with me so on and so forth.....I bite my tongue but half the time I want to say get the fuck over it already I am His and He is mine deal!!! 

The other issue at hand is I have never been with another woman I am a bit curious about it yes...and she is always saying let me have you blah blah blah...nothing personal but she is NOT my type either...LOL But the issue at hand is her attitude while we are speaking to others in said group she sometimes acts as if I am her sub which is not sitting well with me in the least!! I only bow down to one man and men in general!!! If there comes a time that I do choose to play with another woman I know for certain I would be the top. My Sir is not to pleased with her actions as of late either. 

Has anyone ever delt with the former subs/slaves and was it ever like what I am dealing with now? How do you handle it calmly?  LMAO I think it is almost time for my period on top of everything so all the little remarks are getting under my skin!!!


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~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

Well it seems no one in this group either feels like sharing or has anything to share :( 

I would certainly share more if I felt as though I wasn't talking to myself , not sure how to get the ball rolling here...I have even tried starting a topic type post and pretty much nothing......

Last try then I may just move on to some place else.....

How do you handle others telling you that the way you are doing things is wrong so on and so forth? No don't spank this way "my" way is the correct way...get my point?? 

Last ditch effort here.....make me a believer :)


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~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

Hi to A/all

Again I want to welcome any new members....PLEASE PLEASE share I would love to hear stories or have people ask questions and so forth.....I have been fairly quiet cause I hate being the only one talking mainly. Am always looking for good conversations so lets share!!!!


petgirl_suka [userpic]

Hello everyone! I'm new to this group, I'm a sub and I'm having some problems at the moment I was hoping someone could help me with. And I'll try to keep this short. I was in a brief D/s relationship, and decided to leave my Master and go back to a vanilla boyfriend. I went back for all the wrong reasons and regret it. Now I want to go back to my Master, but I know I've hurt him and I don't know where to start with the apology. I hate begging, (don't really know how) any tips on that? Thanks in advance!

~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

Well here's one for the memory books for me anyways!! I went to my first private BDSM party last night feeling a bit nervous to say the least not knowing what to expect. Sir had only been to one himself before hand. I was told to wear my school girl outfit for the party which puts me into that uncomfy zone....LOL that was my indoor private thing never felt to comfortable out in public dressed like that..although secretly I wanted too....tee hee.  So anyway we show up at this couples house (which I've seen some pics of) it's an old farm house with some out buildings and barn. I love old houses they have such charactor to them. 

I hope you A/all enjoy and will try to update on my training as much as I can

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~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

Hey guys was wondering if anyone had some good ideas for a scene....Help a good lil sub out!!!  Sir wants me to get some ideas and here is where I get stuck I guess is trying to be creative So for a couple of fairly newbies whats some good things too do???

Thanks a head of time for all your help HUGS

~sassylilpet~ [userpic]

So as I said I meet a nice guy  through another website (kinda like myspace) but geared towards bikers...my favs :) 

So upon talking to him through there and then yahoo messenger we some how got on the subject of BDsM......LOL Actually not sure how but think it was me who started it....hence the name sassy...tee hee 

He then told me of a group through yahoo that are based out of NH that I should join he has met some of them and has gone to a few of their socials.

Either way it came around that he hasn't been able to find a willing partner to "play" with or you all know the ones who say "what are you crazy?" Not me attitude....tee hee

So we decided to meet Friday night to see if we "clicked" It is funny to run into a Dom that is shy though...Quite endaring actually....made me all that more comfortable to have some one as shy as I can be....lol  So we go to his house and he offers me some food and we sat and chatted over every day things to break the ice and calm each others nerves...I think his more so than mine :)

After a while as it seemed He was not sure as to how to start things I asked if He'd like to choose which skirt He would like me to wear, I think by me topping from the bottom helped, He choose a skirt and I then asked if He wanted me to change at that time.....of course He said yes....tee hee

When I came out of the bathroom He was quite pleased :) I sat back down on the couch (were I was Him across the room on chair) His confidence level went up I think (among other things  LOL) cause He told me to come stand in front of Him..."yes Sir"  He proceeded to inspect me especially my behind. After a good look over and pleasant remarks on a quality behind made for spankings He told me to kneel facing him...which I readily replied "yes Sir" with a smile.
He had me lean into Him and thrust out my behind as He slowly dragged my flogger over my rear and up my back to my neck I got goose bumps and excited over the upcoming whippens!!

Yes I've come to the realization that I am with out a doubt a masocist...I have a high tolerance for pain especially in the hind end....and I enjoy it greatly...I love being pushed to the point of screams no one has yet to bring me to tears.....sigh But Sir is without a doubt the best I've dealt with it turns out....Amazing how someone without actual experience is the best at it....He obviously listened well to those who advised Him in the past!!! Sir understood the concept of warming up the area better than me....lol I have since then been doing some more reading on the subject.

Well after sitting in front of Him for a while and enjoying Sirs caresses and light spankings Sir had me get my wrist restraints and we moved to Sir's room where Sir hooked my wrists together and hung them from the ceiling :) Oh the true feeling of happiness *big grin* Sir was so sweet and gentle yet Masterful all at once, what a great Dom He will become!!!

As Sir proceeded to flog me and progressively get harder He would always check me to make sure I was OK and where I was at between 1-10. 1 being bored to tears and 10 the oposite....lol Sir would also check my wrists and my shoulder (have a bad shoulder) to make sure I wasn't cutting off circulation to them.

I never dealt with such a observant Dom what a difference in being able to relax more. As Sir got my ass to a nice red He decided to take me down from ceiling and took out one of my toys told me to sit on the bed and use it for Him......OK this is where I can be very shy especially in front of someone new but even still was never something I did openly with the lights on...tee hee

My face turned brighter than my ass and told Sir I couldn't, now this is where I finally got to see someone who could actually Dom me...lol Sir told me too or He would snap a pencil across my ass, at which point I giggled and said so.....pencil who knew???  I was wrong and felt the sting of that lil bugger when Sir snapped it on different spots of my ass....Lesson learned on that one tee hee. 

I think Sir knew that I was not yet comfortable with doing what he asked so He proceeded to use the toys on me instead.....aahhhhhhhh 

What a wonderful night and that was only Friday night....tee hee Saturday was even better.........to be continued


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